Almost 195 burglaries and 55 robberies occur in commercial space daily. As Easter weekend approaches cash volumes are expected to rise, making retailers vulnerable to crime.

Richard Phillips explains that load shedding presents an opportunity for crime against South African businesses…

Be warned - criminals are ready to cash in this festive season. Richard Phillips shares tips to assist retailers to protect their cash, their staff and customers.

Cash Connect CEO, Richard Phillips, discusses the cash management company's warning to retailers to be vigilant heading into the festive season, and the advantages of automated cash management in handling cash.

Armed robbery attacks against the retail industry in SA for the period Jan-Aug 2018 increased by 7%. Listen to what Cash Connect, industry leaders and law enforcement has to say...

About 195 burglaries, every day – all in pursuit of large volumes of cash. When will government and law enforcement consider prioritising retail cash crime?

Industry experts panel discussion - The truth about business cash crime as CIT heists spiral out of control.

Calls for government to make cash crimes a policing priority.

Cash-related crimes are like a plague to South African society. Millions of Rands are lost to the economy each year, not to mention the loss of many lives in the process.

Cash Connect's Richard Phillips warns retailers of a possible increase in armed robberies over the Easter weekend.


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