Cash Connect is South Africa’s leading provider of automated cash management and payment solutions and provides intelligent and automated cash security technology, enabling retailers to trade in a safe and secure environment.

Our goal is to enable retailers to move from a place of safety, to a place of growth. By offering business efficiency, reduced risk, improved cash flow, easy to use payment functionality and access to working capital. It’s like we move the bank to your store! With Cash Connect, retailers have peace of mind, as “We take the risk” of the cash.

Because we understand the needs of retail business owners, we introduced Cash Connect Capital. An unsecured business finance offering, which provides improved cash flow – ultimately allowing our clients to grow their business. Finally, a hassle-free business finance offering assisting retailers to capitalise on business opportunities, without the hurdles. Cash Connect Capital is your alternative to traditional bank lending.

With us, you have a partner in business success – beyond safe.



What can I expect from Cash Connect if I become a client?

As a Cash Connect client, you are guaranteed peace of mind with our intelligent cash management and payment solutions, providing you complete business efficiency and improved cash flow with products like Instant Access to the cash in your vault and unsecured business finance with Cash Connect Capital.

Our holistic cash management and payment offering includes cash-in-transit (CIT) services, as well as competitive cash deposit fees with any bank.

Because we strive to make a unique contribution to the retail sector, we guarantee to take the cash risk from our clients, provide tangible cost-savings and ensure a safe and secure trading environment.

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